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Why still photos instead of 360 virtual tours?

Some people have asked us this question over the past few months. After all, it seems the general rule of thumb in today’s marketing plans is that that flashier it is, the more attention it attracts. However, we do not think this is the case. Sure, 360 virtual tours have their place. Done right, they can be a thing of beauty. However, if they are done wrong, you have left your potential buyers feeling unimpressed and a little dizzy. The problem is, in order to do them properly they are far too time-consuming to be cost effective to most people marketing a home. This, unfortunately has not stopped companies from entering the market, offering multiple 360 tours for under $100. Companies are in business to make a profit, so what is being sacrificed with these tours? Quality. They are done quickly, with no thought of how the final presentation will be received. It is unheard of for a quality 360 virtual tour to be produced in a faster time than it takes to produce a quality photo tour of still photos, which is why the high quality 360 tours are reserved for applications other than real estate marketing where the time invested in the creation makes the tours profitable.

Most of the 360 virtual tours found on the web today are horrible. They are several horrible photos, stitched together to make a larger horrible photo with underexposed interiors and overexposed views. Several times, I find it difficult to determine exactly what I am looking at, let alone am I able to determine the real color of the counter tops or exactly what type of flooring can be found in the house.

RealEstateStill is in the business of offering real estate marketing materials with a focus on high quality. Many of the 360 virtual tours that you can find on the web today fall short of our idea of high quality. We believe, our very mission rests on the fact that marketing real estate online and in print starts with good pictures and advances from there. A horrible photo is no less horrible if it rotates. We believe that potential buyers want quality. They want to see themselves in this house. They want to be able to have an accurate representation of their next potential home. Quality, not gimmick, sells homes.

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